just a normal frugal day

Yesterday I stretched 6oz of mince with a tin of tomatoes, a large onion and some frozen red pepper ( our own from last year of course) to make a spaggi bol. But when it came to dinnertime I was feeling under the weather and didn’t eat anything. So what to do with one portion of bol.Easy! chopped some carrots and cooked until soft. Mix with the bol. and top with lots of mashed potatoes. One cottage pie for tonight. Then I made up a big batch of crumble topping to put in the freezer and used some to top an apple and cherry crumble. Apple and cherries both from freezer. ( the cherries are from 2011 and I didn’t realise there was any left – no cherries on our tree in 2012).

Next job – chop some kindling wood for us and to sell. No central heating here just a Rayburn and woodburner.

Next finish turning a long cotton dress – bought from a car boot sale last year – into a skirt. The dress was too strappy for me but I bought it for £1 because the colours are lovely. Now, by cutting off the top and making a place to thread through elastic through, I have a useful peasant skirt to wear this summer if only we get some warm weather.

More snow. March 14th! I don’t believe it! 

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