Cabin fever

having been no further than 2 and half miles away for 3 weeks I needed a trip out. So while getting feed we had a trip to Stowmarket for a tour of the charity shops. We were mainly looking for a coat for HO to wear here as his old one had disintegrated and eventually found one for £6. Good quality, waterproof and warm. Also found a pie dish to add to the collection ready for the summer pie-making spree when I make lots for the freezer. I’ve used foil plates but they only do for one go. So I want to collect pyrex or pottery if I can. Another find was a shower curtain for 99p for the new campsite shower. A present for someone for xmas for £1 was a Baileys Latte glass still boxed. But no clothes for me. Then I discovered 2 more of the books I’m collecting – Edward Marston – Elizabethan Theatre series. Hooray now have 7 out of 16.

Very simple dinner of vegetable curry tonight with home-made naan breads. We have some tiny cauliflowers in the garden, just right for adding to the curry.

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