Not as much snow as other places

The east wind is absolutely freezing today but at least we havent got the huge amounts of snow that some places have. Him Outside has gone to deliver a huge field shelter to a place even nearer to the coast than we are. He was supposed to be putting it all back together but may just leave it as it will be difficult to do in this wind and icy blast.

I’m finding all the other frugal blogs that I’ve started to read during this long,long winter have been very interesting. I thought we were pretty frugal but some folk do even better. Now that Him Outside is no longer employed full time for the council and is mainly self employed we don’t have a regular sum going in to the bank each month, so I have to learn a whole new way of budgeting and shopping. I know how much we need for all the various bills but the problem is knowing how much we will need for the smallholding sometimes we have to spend i.e. buying a new hay turner, in order to earn money by making hay to sell later in the year.

Our BIG saving is on heating because all our wood is reclaimed or from the holding. Which means that we only need to use electric occasionally, for instance 1/2 hour in the morning to warm the bedroom before getting out of bed, and an hour or so with my fan heater in the craft room when I’m card making.Today with this east wind I shall keep warm with the woodburner. Very cosy.Image

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