Snow and gales

Snow overnight and gales have blown the snow into buildings and drifts. The water onto the campsite is frozen and has been turned off. Will this weather ever end?

Our 60 new hens are inside in the hay shed, we wanted to move them out but the grass hasn’t grown and will not start growing until the temps are over 6 degrees C. They have started laying though but the weather means no passing traffic so we are not selling all our eggs. They lay tiny eggs at first which gradually get bigger during the next few months. I sell the tiny eggs at 1/2 price and some people love them and say their children think they are special eggs for children and other people won’t buy them at all, I watch them pick up the box, look inside Imageand then put them down again. Here are our eggs – left to right – a large egg from oldest hens sometimes wrinkly -we eat those. A very large eggs from the oldest hens, a normal size egg from the majority of the chickens, and a tiny egg from the new hens. Let’s hope we can get them outside soon.

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