Still cold and windy

We still have a vicious east wind and the forecast is for 2 more weeks. Thank heavens for our free wood supply. I potted up lots of the tomato plants but the greenhouse is too draughty so I’m putting them in the conservatory by day with the heater on and bringing them into the living room at night. I’ve today potted on the 6 aubergine plants and still have several tiny tomato and pepper plants to do later.Image

Popped to Tesco today for milk and bit of shopping, bank and post office. Posted my Penny Pincher letters to my friends, so glad we still keep in touch, our letters help us keep to a frugal but happy lifestyle. I was looking at the value items in Tesco and pondering on the “below the line” action group. Living on less than £1 a day for a week as so many people live on this tiny amount all the time.

Our budget is £3.30 per person per day ( and that doesn’t include eggs and the veg that we grow) We could manage on a lot less, as we did when we had three children and were paying off the mortgage, but do we really need to go back to value margerine and coffee? Back then the only fresh fruit we could afford were apples and bananas which had the effect of putting me off eating apples and loving fresh seasonal fruit – ie Huge Navel Oranges in January and nectarines in summer. Him Outside would miss his good muesli which we stretch by mixing with value bran flakes and I would miss my Fairtrade Co-op cappuccino sachets and drinking chocolate.

Ithink our budget is still way below some peoples and the £3.30 includes milk, tea,coffee, three meals a day and snacks. Sometimes when people on TV are challenged to manage on less they don’t count drinks in the equation.

Until we are forced to live on less we will stay at this amount for as long as possible.

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