Tuesday 26th Snow on ground- waiting for more?

On the radio this morning they were talking about how weather forecasts have changed since the war. The weather lady said that the 30 day outlook was for below average temps right through. My reaction was OH NO!!!!.

The only thing to do was to stay in and make bread absolutely freezing outside again. Also a quiche for dinner tonight. Very simple – thin sliced onion softened in a little butter in microwave, then when it was three-quarters done I added sweetcorn kernals and sliced peppers, both our own, both from the freezer. Grated some cheese into the bottom of a pastry case ( home made from out of the freezer- I batch bake 5 pastry cases at a time)Then eggs and milk mixed, seasoned and poured over. Cooked in the Rayburn until done. Looks delicious.

Then I ventured out into the shed to sow some chard, broad beans, cabbage and leek seeds. I’m planning for warmer weather whatever they say. When the sun shone as it did for a while, the temps in conservatory went up to 15degrees C.The tomato plants are out there but every night we bring them in to the living room, looks like we will be doing that for a while.Image

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One comment on “Tuesday 26th Snow on ground- waiting for more?
  1. Hi Chris here, Mum of James. Loved reading your blog so very much like my childhood, and I still love to do all these things and I am itching to get back to our home in Devon to start working in the garden and doing some baking again. Your bread looks amazing, never been able to get bread making right, I must be doing something wrong but not sure what, I have tried so many times as the bread overseas in the Middle East is no subsitute of a nice slice of traditional UK bread.

    When I was home last summer the bane of my life was the apple tree, I had so many apples that I could not cook them fast enough, I made chutney, bags of stewed apples for all the family and apple wine, and still they kept coming….

    Now back in the Middle East where cooking is essential part of living as very few convience foods so this is always part of my day along with my quilting activities, although anything handmade is good by me. Will keep reading and maybe we will get to meet one day soon.

    You should be very proud of Helen she is a lovely girl and always so helpful…..Chris

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