Who wet the bed?!

Don’t you just hate it when a hot-water bottle leaks and you wake to find a wet patch in the bed. This was a new hottie and no signs of perishing or splits so the screw up stopper must have been a bit loose or not quite straight. I LOVE my hot-water bottles, and would hate to use an electric blanket and even worse would be a heated bedroom. Even have the window open a little even in the most freezing weather!

Him outside has gone of with the second HUGE field shelter he is moving for a local farmer. He has to unload and then fit the roof onto both shelters. These are for someone running a small diary who has had to move from nearby to 15 miles away.

Meanwhile I have been making his favourite cakes. FRUIT SHORTCAKE. To make a batch, rub 4oz butter into 8oz SR flour add 4oz castor sugar and 4oz currants and ann egga nd mix to it all forms a ball. Then roll out to the thickness of two pound coins one on top of each other and cut into neat rectangles, re roll the trimmings etc. Put onto a greased tray and before popping into hot oven about 150 degrees C, brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with a little castor sugar. Cook for about 8 – 12 mins, turn the tray halfway to get them all nice evenly brown.

I’ve also run some stale-ish white rolls through the liquidizer to make white breadcrumbs and put int the freezer for bread sauce etc. The rolls were cheap ones and had been in the freezer since Christmas! Waiting to be used for visitors who didn’t come as planned.

Weather report- still cold, but WE HAVE SUNSHINE! 

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