A good day for egg sales, lots of passing traffic on their way to Tesco or Waitrose to stock up for Easter. Decided to put out some of todays eggs out today that I would normally put out tomorrow,then tomorrow I will put out some of tomorrows eggs that I would normally put out on Saturday.On saturday I will put out some of saturdays eggs that I would usually put out on Sunday!!! All this BECAUSE on Sunday and Monday being a Bank Hol there will be hardly any traffic so probably not all eggs will be sold. This simple life get confusing sometimes.

I read with envy all the cheap items that the lady on Life after money got from her Tesco. There are NEVER EVER savings like that around here. They might have a few odd bits on the reduced shelf, but only at half price. And Co-op stuff is only reduced by a third for a day and then sent upstairs for the staff to buy cheap- at least thats what happened when eldest daughter worked there for a while.

Him Outside has gone off to finish fitting the roof on the field shelter that he took over.  yesterday. Hopefully the job will be finished and he will be able to submit his bill. 

Weather report- wind still freezing but bit of sun again.

This is the inside of the polytunnel all ready for planting when the risk of hard frosts have gone. WHEN or IF this year I fear.




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