It’s been a good Good Friday, as despite the STILL freezing east wind , the sun has shone and we have been out doing some gardening. We’ve got more potatoes out in beds that had been covered with plastic and then we have put the plastic back on for a week or two until we see some sign of them growing. I say a week or two if it stays as cold as this it may well take much longer. We planted a bed of Swift very early potatoes on 5th March and recovered but no shoots poking through yet.

Yesterday we had roast chicken for dinner as A & B came to eat with us as they often do on a Thursday. I cooked double roast potatoes, extra stuffing and bread sauce so that tonight I only need to do fresh veg and gravy, re-heat the potatoes etc in the microwave and we will have dinner done easily. The veg will be cauliflower from the garden – which is a surprise as they have sat there all winter. The caulis are tiny so one each! They are from plants from our local nursery and put in late summer. I think they should have been ready in the autumn but I guess the wet and cold delayed them until now. An early spring bonus. Brussels sprouts are all finished and just a few cabbage left. Then it is the “greens” hungry gap. I know its Good Friday and we should be having fish but never mind. The chicken is one of the last we raised ourselves last year and from now on it’s chicken from the butchers or we shall have to buy 100 day old meat breed ones instead of getting them off heat as the man who supplied them can’t get them anymore.

Him outside posed in spud planting position! Job done.Image

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