Gardening in the snow

Every year for the last few, I have sent for some “early start-beat the hungry gap”  plants from Marshalls. The idea of this is to put in 48 little plants brassica plants in late March so that they are ready to eat in June when there is not much in the garden.The plants arrived this morning, the label says “plant out ASAP and protect from frosts” bet they never thought about snow on 30th March. Luckily it’s not laying on the ground, just blowing in the air.

So there we were – howling wind, snow flakes whirling planting out 16 cabbage, 16 calabrese and 16 cauliflower. We have covered them with fleece, put an 18″ net fence around the beds, and then put enviromesh over the top of that. Hopefully that will be enough to protect them from whatever the weather chucks at us. 48 plants were £10.95 so thats……………22 and a bit pence each- cheaper than buying veg from the supermarket. We shall probably sell a few at the gate, which means the ones we eat will be even cheaper. Just have to hope this cold wind goes soon.

The birds think spring is on the way, look at this nest built in the last few days in a coil of string hanging in the shed. Just perfect,Image wren or robin – not sure will have to look it up in a book.

Other jobs today have been chopping kindling and bagging up to sell,potting on 2 dozen little pepper plants into bigger pots, and a large heap of ironing. Then tidying in the shed. Not much preparation for  dinner as it’s chicken fajitas using a chicken breast cut before roasting, from the chicken we had on Thursday. This is a favourite of mine and very tasty.

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