Egg tales,weather and the shopping cost HOW MUCH!

Lots and lots of lovely little eggs out for sale today – our new hens are doing well. The good news was that even with it being school holidays, the whole lot sold bar 1/2 dozen. I hope some new buyers have found us – people who have been buying for years always  say “love your eggs”. I tell them its because they are so fresh and have only traveled a few yards from the chicken to the box and then to them.

I ventured out in the icy cold east wind to our “new” Tesco, although it’s almost a year old now. I had a £5 voucher off £40 worth, so did the months big shop there. As its only a small shop they sometimes have a value range of something and then next time – it’s gone. Never any bargains on the reduced shelf, but I did find some 1/2 price organic apples, which was only a saving of 50p over the non reduced, non organic. One good buy is their value range tins of pineapple chunks for 25p – a good big tin too. They are doing their 3 for 2 on home baking products, so I got 3 bread flour this week when only two were on my list.
 I bought a tiny piece of  peperoni sausage off the deli counter- bet the girl thought I was odd- but I needed it to top home made pizza for a change from our usual 2 cheese variety. Even with the bargains my big shop came to much more than it would have done a year ago, but we have to eat something and I refuse to live on value beans!

Came home and made 2 loaves of bread and did lots of floor washing – not very exciting.

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