Baking and more egg tales

Him Outside was away early to work on cutting a hedge and gardening for one of his customers. I stayed in and baked, the warmest place was the kitchen.Outside the wind howled around the corners and through the still lifeless trees, rattled the extractor fan and was freezing.

Before shopping yesterday I checked the cupboards to write my list and found the remains of the jar of mincemeat left from the Christmas mince pie making. So mince pies were first to bake, then while the sweet pastry was chilling I decided to do a few Suffolk rusks and a small batch of scones. There wasn’t enough mincemeat left in the jar to fill as many mince Imagepies as I thought so I used the rest for some jam tarts. Everything except the scones went in the freezer ready for Him Outsides lunches for the next few weeks.

Great excitement as I pulled the very first rhubarb of the season – only a few small stems that have been forced under an old bottomless dustbin. Just enough for our first delicious rhubarb fool.Hopefully if the weather warms up at the weekend the rhubarb will really get going.Image

Today the eggs all sold by 11.30 am which is good news.

The postman brought me a brochure about round-the-world cruises this morning. I don’t know why as we’ve never been on a cruise and we are unlikely to go on one anytime soon. I looked at all the pictures of sunny climes and swimming pools and felt green with envy for about 5 minutes. Then I remembered that this simple Suffolk smallholder doesn’t even possess a dress, I spend all my time avoiding anything that involves dressing up so wouldn’t manage well at the Captains Table and Him Outside would look silly on board ship in his overalls!

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