I love books!

I’ve just realised that I’ve not mentioned a single book that I have read since starting this blog. This is a big omission as books and reading are a huge bit of my life. Apart from several hundred on the shelves here I also visit the mobile library once a month and bring back a big bag of books that I’ve ordered via t’internet. What I would do without the library I don’t know. I’ve loved books and libraries since I was about 10 and got to go on the schools library van to help pick the terms books for the school library. Then I worked in a borough library, a schools library van and finally on a mobile library. My idea of a trip out when the children were small was a visit to the library in town – it was much cheaper than any other entertainment! These are 3 of the books on loan to me at the moment.ImageOn the left is the third in the series of modern crime set in west Scotland, just finished this – it’s pretty good. I also have the 4th in series here to read later. Centre is historical crime set in mid 18th century Preston. I read the first  in this series a few weeks ago. This is next to read and the book on the right I’m not sure about. I’ve borrowed it as one of my penfriends is a cousin to this lady so thought I would see what it’s like.

Weather report – blinkin’ freezing with horizontal sleet!

Today’s jobs – keeping warm, cooking vegetable curry and not much else. It’s a simple life!

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