WordPress or blogspot?

I’m trying to decide which blog site to use. This one on WordPress seems to be difficult for people to find. BUT it is much easier to post onto for simple people! I have managed to start a new blog on blogger called frugalinsuffolk, it’s more interesting to look at but seems to be more complicated for me to post and to upload photos and for some reason the time that I’ve posted comes up wrong and I don’t know how to change it.
 I need people to look at both and tell me what they think!
 On blogger, when I post a photo I don’t seem able to write anything else underneath it whereas on wordpress I can just carry on around and below.
 All this is very complicated for people new to the world of blogging. HELP!!

Weather report – still blinkin’ freezing east wind but at least we have sunshine which makes things look more cheerful.

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One comment on “WordPress or blogspot?
  1. Sandra says:

    Hi Sue, Sandra here, PP lady! Just caught up on all of your previous blogs. Really interesting and I don’t mind which version you use for your blog now I have found you.
    When you do a recipe, can you highlight the title of the recipe in bold just so I can find it easier when I need to go back and refer to it later. That would be great. Keep up the good work. Sandra x

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