I’m a 58 year old wife and mother of three who have now all grown and moved away from home.We’ve been here on our Suffolk smallholding since 1992. We moved 5 times in the 12 years prior to this, doing up old houses and moving up the housing ladder. Him Outside worked for the council  ’til last year now is self employed doing smallholding and odd jobs. We used to keep goats and sheep but it got too expensive, with complicated rules and regulations, so now we just have chickens. My job for the last 32 years has been being frugal and doing as many things for ourselves that we can. So meals are made from scratch, jam,chutney, cakes, biscuits, bread are all home made.LOVE doing stuff that saves money, growing our own veg and some fruit,making cards, carboot sales in summer,writing for the Smallholders Newsletter, keeping in touch with friends found through the now defunct Penny Pincher Paper, and avoiding all activities that require new best clothes!


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